When And Why Gas Heater Repairs is Required?

Gas Heaters are generally long lasting, yet it’s advised that you hire gas heater service provider yearly for servicing. The servicing ensures that the heater is safe and will keep you warm in winter. While servicing some problems might be seen in the gas heater which needs to be repaired. Now you might also face sudden problems which was not seen at the time of servicing or may be because you have not been doing servicing for a long period of time. Now you need to understand what these problems can be so that you know when to call for gas heater repairs in Campbelltown, Narellan, Currans Hill, Mount Annan and Oran Park.

Let’s look at when and why you would need gas heater repairs:

Sound of the Heater

Gas heaters are mostly silent when it’s on and running properly to keep you warm. However the heaters can become excessively noisy sometimes which is a sign of malfunction that effects the warmth it was generating earlier. You need to call upon the gas heaters repairs otherwise the condition of the gas heater will deteriorate further producing no heat.

Gas Bills of the Heater

Sometimes you might receive higher bills for using your gas heaters. Now this may be due to malfunction or the heater needs to be upgraded because old parts consume more energy. So it’s advised to do the gas heater repairs with the help of a skilled technician rather than continuously paying high bills every month.

Pilot Light of the Heater

The old gas heaters have a pilot light which has a huge role in indicating how the system utilises the gas. The pilot light is always blue when everything is normal maintaining a perfect balance between the gases which helps the system to operate at optimum levels. Now if the pilot light turns yellow you need gas heater repairs on an immediate basis as the yellow light means the system is either facing a malfunction or it might be producing carbon monoxide. The gas heater repairs technician runs a thorough test to find out the cause and helps in fixing it.

Smell of the Heater

Gas heaters don’t smell at all but the malfunction might cause a rotten smell which is basically the hazardous carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is very dangerous to health which causes breathing problems, headaches, nausea or vomiting etc. Now whenever you get the smell or see these symptoms you should switch off the gas heater, open all the windows of your house and visit a doctor. Once you return definitely call for the gas heater repairs to fix it on an immediate basis before you start the gas heater again.

Hope now you understand when and why you would need gas heater repairs. Apart from these sometimes the gas heaters overheats the wall nearby causing discoloration. So it’s advisable to do regular servicing on a periodical basis. If you are looking for gas heater repairs in Campbelltown, Harrington Park, Camden, Gregory Hills, Oran Park, Mittagong and Bowral you may contact our team for skilled and licensed technicians to do the repairing.

3 Things To Consider Before Servicing Your Gas Heater

Winter is coming! This is the time for investment in your heating units. As an experienced gas heating servicing company, we would recommend you get your gas heater serviced beforehand. As hot water would be essential for your daily needs – soon! The heater should be serviced at least once a year to prevent untimely issues and unnecessary repairing costs. Forgetting to have the heater checked before winter can give rise to impending issues such as carbon monoxide problems. Keeping that aside, here are three things to consider before you decide to get your heater serviced before winter.

The risks of Carbon Monoxide hazard

Carbon monoxide is extremely hazardous to your health. Moreover, It is difficult to identify carbon monoxide presence – as the gas does not release any odour or colour. You may never know what hit you until you are left drowsy and unwell, all of a sudden. People usually experience flu-like symptoms.

Unfortunately, most of us only take action when something wrong happens. However, we recommend that you should not delay such a matter. The carbon monoxide adversity can be easily averted by getting your heater serviced and conducting a carbon monoxide test.

Some common basic chores your local gas heater servicing specialist would work on

When carrying out gas heater servicing, here are some common procedures that a skilled and experienced professional would follow and they are:

  • Clean the fan motor assembly of any dust that has accumulated
  • Check the ignition coil for spark gaps and fix them
  • Clean and inspect the flame sensor
  • Check to see if the capacitors are allowing the motor to move within the specified range
  • Check to verify if the heating pressure is properly set
  • Inspect all electrical connections for flaws
  • Examine the vent connection’s seal
  • Remove the return air chamber and return air grill and clean them
  • Examine the return air cavity’s seal
  • Check the airflow to make sure it’s working properly
  • Conduct a thorough carbon monoxide test
  • Verify that the entire equipment is working properly

The safety measures that should be taken

Apart from getting your gas heater serviced, keep the following safety tips in mind for optimal performance and longevity:

  • When you leave your room or go to sleep, always turn off your gas heater.
  • Never leave your gas heater unattended, such as if you go out to get something and then come back to it.
  • Never use your heater to dry your garments. You can, however, dry them in your room as long as they are not near a heat source.
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are working well.
  • Never let your kids or pets play near a heater.

Straight Talk About Gas Heater Servicing and Repairing Issues

Gas heaters should be professionally installed and maintained on a regular basis. Defective heating equipment could start a fire or poison your home with lethal poisons like carbon monoxide. Getting gas heater servicing and repairing done on a regular basis will guarantee that it runs safely and efficiently.

How often should you have gas heater servicing and repairs done?

It is recommended that your gas heater is serviced by a professional gas heater service after every two years. It’s also a good idea to do this right before winter and when you will be using the heater a lot. Check your unit’s manual to see whether your manufacturer recommends maintaining it even more frequently.

If you have a ducted heating system, see the owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer to see if professional duct cleaning is required.

Sign that my gas heater needs servicing and repairing

If your heater is exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below, you should contact a local gas heater servicing and repairing expert in your locality for gas heater repairs right away.

  • The walls near the heater get extremely hot to touch too often
  • Due to the strong heat, there are traces of discoloration on the walls or heater panels
  • The flame of the heater appears sooty, smoky, or yellowish in colour 
  • The pilot light turns off frequently. When lighted, it creates loud noises
  • The room and/or building have a gaseous smell

A malfunctioning gas heater might cause carbon monoxide formation.  This could result in accompany common symptoms such as Exhaustion, difficulty breathing, severe headaches, lightheadedness, nausea or vomiting, weakness, confusion, or chest discomfort . If this occurs, immediately turn off the heating, open all windows, and exit the building. Consult your doctor to see if the symptoms you’re experiencing are related to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tips to maintain longevity of you gas heater

  • Allow fresh air to enter the space at all times
  • To protect young toddlers from burning, place a barrier around the heater
  • Due to the risk of fire, do not dry garments or objects by placing them on the heater
  • Use caution in rooms with poor ventilation or where people sleep
  • Even if the gas heater is turned off, do not store solvents or pressurized cans near it
  • Indoor heaters should not be used outside, and vice versa
  • Always use heaters for the purpose for which they were designed, as detailed in the owner’s manual

If you are using an outside patio heater, make sure it’s securely fastened in case of severe winds or other situations.

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